Overcoming Tough Times CD Series

  • Complete Series (S9970CD)

  • The Purpose of Suffering (ACD1552)

  • How NOT to Comfort (ACD1553)

  • The Great Question (ACD1554)

  • The Great Affirmation (ACD1555)

  • The Source of Wisdom (ACD1557)


Product description

Suffering is absolutely inevitable! It's a part of life! And if you want to learn something about suffering, you have to study the book of Job. There's no other book, inside or outside the Bible, that gives us more insight than the oldest book in the Bible - Job. Job was an expert on suffering - personally, professionally and physically - and he shares God's answers to Job's questions and gives us valuable insights to our own questions about suffering today.

Contains 5 messages:

(ACD1552) The Purpose of Suffering
(ACD1553) How NOT to Comfort
(ACD1554) The Great Question
(ACD1555) The Great Affirmation
(ACD1557) The Source of Wisdom