Overcoming Pain in Your Life

Overcoming Pain in Your Life CD Series

Complete Series (S9986CD)
$19.95 (USD)
Anxiety (ACD1648)
$4.95 (USD)
Doubt (ACD1650)
$4.95 (USD)
Jealousy (ACD1652)
$4.95 (USD)
Depression (ACD1653)
$4.95 (USD)
Resentment (ACD1654)
$4.95 (USD)

If God is good, why does He let you feel painful emotions like anxiety, depression and doubt? Dr. Ed Young addresses these issues and shows you, with the proven truth of God's word, the key to unleashing God's power in your life to overcome any painful feeling you may experience!

Contains 5 messages:

  • (ACD1648) Anxiety
  • (ACD1653) Depression
  • (ACD1650) Doubt
  • (ACD1652) Jealousy
  • (ACD1654) Resentment