Know the Bible: Turning Points

April TV Messages - Know the Bible: Turning Points CD Series

The Presence of God (ACD1877) - TV Broadcast Date 4/5/20
$4.95 (USD)
God Will Provide (ACD1869) - TV Broadcast Date 4/19/20
$4.95 (USD)
Redemption (ACD1876) - TV Broadcast Date 4/26/20
$4.95 (USD)
How to Make Decisions (ACD1867)
$4.95 (USD)
How to Make Decisions Download (ACD1867)
$0.99 (USD)
Complete Series (S1015CD)
$9.95 (USD)

The crossroads moments in life are turning points that God uses to get our attention!  The decisions we make at those moments can alter everything from that point forward, often resulting in a new perspective or a renewed sense of purpose.  Such moments can literally redefine us.  That is why we need to listen for God's voice and trust Him to help us make the right decisions and to choose the path that leads in the direction he wants us to go.

The messages in this series include:

  • (ACD1867) "How to Make Decisions"
  • (ACD1869) "God Will Provide"
  • (ACD1876) "Redemption"
  • (ACD1877) "The Presence of God"