WOW Relationships of Jesus

Wow Relationships of Jesus CD Series

Complete Series (S9968CD)
$19.95 (USD)
Jesus With the Successful (ACD1545)
$4.95 (USD)
Jesus With the Failures (ACD1546)
$4.95 (USD)
Jesus With the Troubled Man (ACD1547)
$4.95 (USD)
Jesus With the Stressed Out (ACD1548)
$4.95 (USD)
Jesus With a Politician (ACD1550)
$4.95 (USD)
We can know the facts about the life of Jesus Christ and yet not really understand the Son of God until we see how He related to people. Join Dr. Ed Young as he studies some of the "Wow" relationships of Jesus - the rich, the poor, the disabled, the disenfranchised, the literate and the illiterate and see how you can be changed by these revolutionaly encounters.

Contains 5 messages:

  • (ACD1545) Jesus with the Successful
  • (ACD1546) Jesus with the Failure
  • (ACD1547) Jesus with the Troubled
  • (ACD1548) Jesus with the Stressed
  • (ACD1550) Jesus with the Politician