Light Walking: A Deeper Walk with Jesus

Light Walking: A Deeper Walk With Jesus

Book (M0730)
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John, the Beloved Disciple, passionately wants us to know that we know, and so he reports his first-hand knowledge of the Savior in whom we trust.  First John gives us an insider's account of Jesus by taking us behind the curtain of history to teach about the One we say we know.  Blessed assurance comes only through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, when our hearts are confident in the knowledge that Jesus is who He says He is.  The more we know Him, the closer we will want to be to Him.

This study is designed to:
    REVEAL knowledge of the person, the character, and the attributes of Jesus Christ.
    INSPIRE a deeper walk with Him by seeing Him "up-close and personal."
    REINFORCE confidence in who Jesus is and what knowing Him can mean for you.