February 2017 Messages

February 2017 Messages DVD Series

The Dance ADV1799 (Recently broadcast on TV 02/05/2017)
$9.95 (USD)
Resolving Conflict ADV1803 (Recently broadcast on TV 02/12/2017)
$9.95 (USD)
Marriage the Big Picture ADV1804 (Recently broadcast on TV 02/19/17)
$9.95 (USD)
Purity ADV1796 (Recently broadcast on TV 02/26/17)
$9.95 (USD)

A collection of marriage & relationship messages from Dr. Ed Young.
Includes these 4 messages: 

ADV1799 - The Dance -
A good marriage exhibits timing, balance, strength and beauty.  The Holy Spirit is the choreographer who provides the instructions and empowers the husband and wife, in full partnership, to dance this wonderful dance of marriage according to God's design.
ADV1803 - Resolving Conflict -
There is conflict in any relationship, and marriage is no exception.  But there is good news.  Whether your marriage is in SOS mode or is simply "so-so", these clear and practical instructions will help you speak the truth in love and get your relationship back on the road to success.

ADV1804 - Marriage the Big Picture -
There is only one way to turn a house into a home, and that is to build it God's way.  When you use God's blueprint, and invite Him to be the general contractor, your home will have a solid foundation and will withstand any storm that my come against it.

ADV1796 - Purity -
To exert a positive influence on our families and our culture, we must be pure in our motives, thoughts and lifestyle.  How do we become pure, and how do we avoid the dangers of the gradualism that allows impurity to creep into our lives?